Vgc 2021 Series 11 Rules

Victory Road is back with an online tournament that all members of the community can enjoy! We will host the VR Series 11 Challenge on November 13 and 14, 2021 to welcome the new format, a nod to the 8 Series. This could be due to the fact that the format was never included in the official VGC rulebook, and it would explain why other major tours such as the Asia Players Cup were still played in Series 9. A summary of all tournament rules for video game championships can be found below. You can also watch the Play! Pokémon Rules & Resources page to see the full game! Pokémon VG rules and formats. However, after the end of the 2021 World Cup, Victory Road is back and will open up new tours to the global community. The most important of these is Yveltal. Taiwanese player Wu Chen won the title of Kaohsiung Regional Champion 2021 with his very curious team Yveltal + Registeel. Coincidentally, the Kaohsiung Regionals 2022 will be held in November with the same set of rules. Was this victory unique, or can Yveltal retain this crown? Starting November 1st, a new set of rules for the 11-ranked battle series comes into effect! Legendary Pokémon are again available in competition, but with a limit of one Legendary Pokémon per team. Here`s our full breakdown of rules and penalties for this event. The generally most powerful Legendary Pokémon, known as Restricted Pokémon, have been used in a few other formats in the past. VGC 2010, VGC 2016 and most recently VGC 2019 (including its three rotations: Sun Series, Moon Series and Ultra Series) were played with the Competitive GS Cup rulebook, meaning that two restricted Pokémon were allowed to fight per team.

The Series 11 VR Challenge will take place on October 13 and 14. November 2021 online at Battlefy: The official rulebook for the 11-ranked battle series has been announced for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Series 11, which runs from November 1 to January 31, allows players to use one Legendary Pokémon per team, and Dynamax Pokémon are allowed. Read below to learn more: Refunds for this event will only be given to users who are no longer registered at the time of registration. Failure to register, participate or be disqualified for a rule violation is NOT grounds for refund. Refunds are not automatic and will be made manually once the tournament brackets have been wagered and registration is final. Battles are played with Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, with the current Series 11 rules in play. Make sure you have downloaded a Nintendo Switch Online membership and current terms before playing. At the moment, there is none. Maybe Series 12 won`t be a restricted Pokémon or Dynamax, but we won`t know until January.

Ranked battles Series 11 begins on October 31, 2021 in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, and with that comes another chance to fight alongside challenging legendary Pokémon that are not normally allowed in competitions. As seen in Series 8 and Series 10 ranked battles, Trainers can add a Pokémon from the list of restricted Pokémon below to their battle team. Note that this is different from previous GS Cup rules, where two of these Pokémon were allowed on a battle team. This guide explains all the rules of the 11-ranked battle series, including Pokémon that can be legally used in ranked battle, all legal Gigantamax Pokémon, and all legal Pokémon available through Pokemon HOME. Players must register on Battlefy and register for the tournament on time. They must also be present at all times when participating in VR`s Discord server. To set up a match, use the ROUND NUMBER + the MATCH NUMBER as the link code. For example, for game number 471 in turn 3, the code for both players should be: 0003 0471. Both players must enter the same link code to find each other. Make sure you have found the right opponent before the game begins.

Contact in the Battlefy chat if you are unable to do so, and if you still can, report your match to “Report a problem with match”. However, this feat has also been achieved in best-of-three tournaments. With numerous appearances in top cuts over the past three seasons 8 months, Italian player Kevin Salvetto led this Zacian + Sun team to victory on the VR: Winter Series circuit in an apparent mirror match. This solar core Zacian + as well as those formed with Zacian + Gigantamax Lapras and Zacian + Gigantamax Coalossal were heavily used at that time. Each round will be played within 70 minutes of publishing and announcing the pairs on Discord. Therefore, the event should last from 6 to 8 hours on Saturday and 3 to 5 hours on Sunday. Any changes at the discretion of the TO (tournament organizer) will be communicated as early as possible in advance. Prizes funded by the tournament registration fee will be paid within 2 weeks of the end of the event and paid into the PayPal account used to register for the event. Once the pairs for each round have been announced on Discord, players will contact each other via Battlefy. Matches do NOT have a registration procedure. Please do not use Discord to set up your matches.

Any disputes regarding game configuration, logouts, or other issues will be resolved in Battlefy. Please contact us on Twitter or Discord if you have any doubts or problems registering for the event. The event is scheduled to start at 14:30 UTC on both days. This means that the two alternate forms of Calyrex were also common in Series 8, mainly due to their disruptive As One ability and the immense power of their phantom astral barrier and ice-like glacial spear. It is strictly forbidden to change Pokémon, moves, or items, and to train your Pokémon to have different stats than you specified on your Poképaste. Players will be charged $7.15 when they register through Battlefy, including $0.65 for Battlefy`s platform fee. Of the remaining $6.50, regardless of participation, $5.00 will be used for the prize pool and $1.50 for our employees, translators and other management entities on our site. I was hoping we would have either 2 restricted or 0 restricted afterwards, without dynamax. I guess they just want some time for VGC players to play BDSP. Another successful choice was Solgaleo.

Although its success has been moderate, its partnership with Bulldoze Spectrier could be very difficult to end while implementing a policy of weakness. Australian player James Mainey used this core to qualify for the Grand Finals of the Pokémon Players Cup III Oceania Qualifier. If we look at the past Series 8, we can see that Zacian dominated the characteristic best-of-1 nature of the scale of ranked battles. Japanese player Yuzu proved it with a 1st place in the April rankings and a 2nd place in the Japan Nationals Qualifier Ladder with their unstoppable Zacian team. In fact, Zacian has reached the top 2 spots in most seasons of Series 8! All currently available Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon are available again in the 11-ranked battle series. It may seem like Kyogre would always win the weather wars, but there are several factors that make this thinking wrong in Series 11. Not only is Groudon an offensive beast in his own right, but now with his ability to execute Dynamax and augment his weaker special defenses with his STAB-reinforced Max Quake. Despite this, Groudon doesn`t often make Dynamax, as his ability to dry and his “Abyss Blades” propagation movement make him a very good ally for other Pokémon who enjoy the sunny weather. Although Pokémon captured or hatched outside the Galar region were previously not allowed to play, these Pokémon can now be used in ranked battles once they have received a battle-ready token. Talk to the man standing next to the back door in the battle tower, and you`ll be able to get the mark on a transferred Pokémon – but he has to forget about any moves that don`t appear in Pokémon Sword and Shield before he can be legally marked for the ranked battle. The registration fee for this event is standardized for everyone with $6.50 ($+$0.65 Battlefy platform fee).

If you use a different currency, conversion rates may incur additional fees. This is paid directly when registering on Battlefy. Other methods are not allowed. Don`t forget to follow us on Twitter to get the latest information on all upcoming news and events! Regardless, we`ve seen some significant news on VGC during this time, including the return of occasional local events in some parts of the world, the announcement of the return of the official circuit for early 2022, and the first dates for regional championships, special events, and international championships in North America and Europe.

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